My Favorite Things

A few weeks ago, Ruby and I went to see our friends’ sons perform in a stellar production of The Sound of Music at J.E.B. Stuart High School. We were amazed by the show at every level, from the acting and singing talent to the costumes, set designs, and lighting. Ruby has not seen the movie yet; she came home with a host of new songs in her repertoire, with an assist from Google so she would stop singing the one line of each song that she knew over and over and over.

One song from the show has really stuck with her, “My Favorite Things.” Hearing this song rather frequently brought up my favorite things that have improved my productivity and focus in 2014, as I ponder the twenty days remaining in the year. Amid the usual joyous holiday whirl, I am making little pockets of time for reflection on the past year and planning for 2015. If you are contemplating the same things, these tools may resonate with you.

If you’re still pondering cool holiday gifts beyond bright copper kettles, the Good Reads and Pretty Things lists may be helpful, too.

emptyspacesFree Planning Tools

Michele Woodward’s Personal Planning tool

Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead

Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word

Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool

Productivity-Enhancing Tools

Bullet Journal (free)

Focus@Will (30-day free trial)

Monoprice Noise-Canceling Headphones

ProNagger – Rachel Z. Cornell is a wise, funny, and oh-so-helpful partner

2015 Create Your Shining Year in Life + Biz from Leonie Dawson

Great Reads

Any book by the amazing Patti Digh

Jennifer Louden’s “Connect to Create the World You Want

Martha Beck’s “Who’s Sorry Now? 6 Steps to Regret-Proof Your Life

Fabeku Fatunmise’s “Doctor Awesome’s Seven Lessons in Extraordinariness

Pamela Slim’s Body of Work

Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map

Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things

Thomas Pakenham’s Tree books

Any book by the marvelous Oliver Jeffers

Pretty Things

Jen Lashua’s Art and Tea

Anne Thalheimer’s Art and Monsters

Erin Brimmer’s Art

Andrea Scher’s Superhero necklaces

Julie Bartel’s Gypsy Wraps

Olive Spoon Studio’s stamped flatware

Lauren Elaine Designs’s custom word of the year bracelets

Wax & Wane’s Wands, Candles, and Bath Salts

Sheri Ponzi’s Paintings

Tom Cornish’s Artwork

Melissa Dinwiddie’s Music and Art

Cary Cooper’s Music

Tamara Bailie’s Music

Fabeku’s Sound Shifts Stuff (free)

[All words and images copyright Paula J. Kelly, unless otherwise credited.]

One thought on “My Favorite Things

  1. Dyanne Ostlind

    I’m looking at the Bullet Journal. I prefer pen and paper to electronics. We’ll see if I can learn, adopt, and stick to it.
    I like your writing – comfortable, helpful, joyful, straight-forward.
    thx dy


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